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I would like to propose a question to my readers that might shed some light on how I have approached these titles and my current position for the last 2 years.
Learn tips, tricks, and strategies for creating your next workshop or presentation from TEDx speaker and TeacherCast founder Jeff Bradbury
What do you stand for and believe in? What sets you apart from your colleagues and competitors in a very small and diverse world. Learn why individuality is not just essential, but expected from todays top employers.
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What do you find is the most rewarding ... the journey, or the destination? Learn why it is not only important to set goals for yourself, but to never stray away from deviating from your objective to find something a bit more rewarding in your life.
Do you have what it takes to send an audience to their feet? In this 4th post in our Self Promotion series, we look at the last 15 seconds of your pitch and help you land your next adventure.

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