I Am a Digital Innovator

Every day, I have the opportunity to help educators, just like you, who are struggling to find the time to simply do what is required of us each day in the classroom.  My job is to help educators become efficient, proficient, and innovative using technology.

Work With Jeff Bradbury

Hire Jeff to speak, consult, or conduct a workshop for your group or organization.

Jeff's Workshops and Presentations

Learn how you can become a digital innovator through these popular hands-on workshops.


The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network is a globally recognized educational brand created to be A Place where Teachers Help other Teachers.

Helping Educators Become More Innovative in the Classroom

One Podcast at a Time

Let's Work Together

I can provide the following services for you or your organization.  I look forward to working with you to customize the best professional development for your organization or school.

Keynote Addresses

Designed to fit the needs of your school or conference on a variety of educational topics.

Conference or Workshop Presentations

30-60-90 minute hands on workshop presentations designed to energize and engage your audience.

Live Video Broadcasting from Your Event

Bring your online exposure to the next level by adding a live broadcasting component from the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Booth.

Website Development

Let’s build a brand new Digital Hub for your small business, conference, or organization.

App or Tech Tool Consulting

Together, we can assess your current learning environment and select the best tools and projects for your classroom, school, or business.

Podcasting or LIVE Broadcasting Consulting

Together, we will help you create a digital brand.  By using simple recording tools, and a little bit of web design knowledge, we will create a marketable footprint to get you noticed.

The TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network

Jeff Bradbury connects educators to the support they need to impact positive change for our students. Many of the ideas and opportunities our kids have benefitted from connect back to his collaboration, technology support, and leadership.

Dr. Brad Gustafson
Elementary Principal | Adjusting Course blog / Adjusting Course LLC

Jeff is the rare person you meet whose level of excitement and passion for education and ed tech are contagious, inspiring, and make you remember why it is that you do the things that you do.  With 5 years of running TeacherCast he has a near infinite level of knowledge and connections that make him a one stop shop for all your edtech questions.

TeacherCast has a simple model for teaching teachers about technology; find the makers of the technology and ask them to explain it.  What better way is there to learn about something than witnessing real educators speak directly with the innovators creating ed tech solutions?

Aaron Sherman

Jeff is the person you want in front of other educators helping them overcome their greatest fear and possibly biggest necessity: sharing ideas. Jeff brings his rich background of teaching with edtech and facilitating discussion about its power in the classroom. The man knows how to inspire others to question their norms and embrace their future potential.

Ari Schorr
Education Project Manager / Microsoft Education

Jeff is passionate about providing useful and engaging professional development for educators.

Kelly Croy
Teacher / Apple Distinguished Educator / The Wired Educator Podcast

I have worked with Jeff and TeacherCast for almost two years and it has been a pleasure! He is professional, dedicated and an asset to our profession! The positive messages about teaching and learning he communicates to the world through video are the key to reforming education!

Salome Thomas-EL
Principal / Speaker

Jeff is an experienced and gifted communicator who generously shares his gifts with the education community through his podcast channel and site, TeacherCast.  Jeff is always positive, encouraging, and vibrant in his interactions with others making them feel at ease on the air and in person. I’d highly recommend Jeff’s podcast to anyone who is passionate about education, leadership and digital communication.

Angela Maiers
Educator / Choose 2 Matter